work with me.

I believe in the simple power of putting things in the right place. 

All you need to make a big change in your life, is to make a small change in your home.

What can we do to transform your space?

I work with clients to transform their spaces into homes they love. My approach is unique because I begin with a simple question: Are your things in the right place?

Once your furniture, artwork, and other decor are arranged properly in your space, you may need very little work in terms of design and decorating. (Yes, I am essentially re-arranging myself out of a job!)

No matter what HGTV says, there’s about an 85% chance your home doesn’t need a major renovation. you don’t need to take down that wall to make it work. you don’t need a massive budget to turn your space into one that you love, one that echoes who you are. Lets work together to create a place that you love to call home.

Let’s design something beautiful!

Consultation (this one’s free, baby!)

All design services begin with a required consultation. This 30 minute consult session gets us acquainted and allows us to dive into the space you’d like to transform. This can be done in-person (if you live in Denver) or digitally (FaceTime, Skype, etc).

What you get:
A one-page design plan with 3-5 suggestions on what you can do to transform your space on your budget.

Following the consultation, we can discuss what you’d like to achieve and determine a budget.

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Design Planning & Decor Selection & In-Home Arrangement

Understanding how to create a functional home begins with a solid design plan and simply putting things in the right place. If you’re having difficulty setting up your space in a way that works for the way you live, let’s talk. This is the fun stuff.

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