hello there.

welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Kirsten, chief designer, writer and head mom/furniture re-arranger at kirstenbrehmerhome.com. I’m passionate about creating spaces that inspire good living and have been re-arranging and re-decorating since my first dollhouse.

my home style philosophy.

I believe that everyone deserves a comfortable space of their own. A space that welcomes them with open arms and makes them feel safe and happy. You don’t need a big space or a new space or a renovation. Just someplace that holds your belongings and keeps you warm. Beautiful, functional design does not need to be expensive. A stylish, Instagram-worthy home is within your reach with just a few simple changes! I promise.

I believe in the simple power of putting things in the right place. 

All you need to make a big change in your life, is to make a small change in your home. (If you’re not already, follow Kirsten Brehmer Home on Pinterest and @kirstenbrehmerhome on Instagram for daily pinning of tons of new home ideas!!)  I feel lucky that I grew up with a mother who truly understood the power of change and how moving a single piece of furniture or artwork could transform how a space made you feel. She was constantly rearranging and re-arranging and DIY’ing our family home (and still is!) and inspired me to find joy in the same process. And it wasn’t long before my friends began coming to me to ask, “Where on earth should I hang this artwork?” or “I need a new couch but don’t know where to start looking.” and my favorite, “Help.” I fell in love with home design from my first apartment (maybe even my first dorm room) and have spent the last 15 years honing my design skills to make any space a welcome one.

Our current home: Mid-Century Modern Meets Farmhouse

I fell in love with mid-century modern years ago and after moving into our current 1950’s ranch, realized how amazingly versatile it is! I adore the way mid-century marries a little quirkiness with classic, inspired lines. But oh do I love a dash of farmhouse and a little Scandinavian simplicity on the side. I find myself drawn to classic looks with a twist. I believe that most homes can be transformed, with a little creativity and a lot of sweat. My husband and I have lived together in 5 different homes—from a 230 square foot studio to our current 2600 square-foot mid-century modern brick house. And I’ve loved everything about updating, refinishing, and styling each one!

what is kirstenbrehmerhome.com all about?

I’m here to share ideas and get people inspired by home. Everyone deserves a space they love and home should be it! I love DIY, semi-DIY, HGTV, and mostly getting my hands a little bit dirty turning houses into homes. If you’re interested in learning more about how to style your space, where to put your furniture (even in the most impossible of rooms), and get tips on where to shop and what sales to take advantage of—this is your place!

lets get social.

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