on wednesdays, we design with pink

In honor of this very mundane and slightly chilly Wednesday, let’s look at the most perfect pinks in some lovely spaces.

Pink is such an underused color in interiors. It can be intimidating but recently I’ve been finding that it is often the perfect last 10% of a room. Here are a few of my most recent favs:

A perfectly pink accent wall. Via Pinterest.

Pink/Gray/Gold Combos feel trendy but can be easily updated with just another coat of paint.

Boho Girls Room via Farmhouse Living.

Soft pink ceiling in any room, but especially a little girl’s room or a guest room. YES PLEASE.

Via Pinterest, tile from All Modern.

This bathroom has transformed simple, pink subway tile with black grout and black paint. It’s the perfect non-feminine use of pink in a bathroom. OBSESSED.

And last but not least, the pink patio accent…

Via Apartment Therapy

Wonder why your patio is dull and sad?? (Probably but, but bear with me). You need PINK in it! It’s the perfect accent to green and just adding a pink pillow, chair or (GASP) umbrella, can instantly breathe some life into your outdoor space. Can’t wait to tell my husband about how I’m going to add pink pillows to our outdoor furniture!!