green & Pink bathroom inspo

My current upstairs bathroom badly needs a total reno but in the meantime, I’ve put together enough DIY updates to keep it fresh. Those included painting the walls and ceiling (it was all brown, literally, EVEN THE CEILING when we bought the house), painting the cabinets a dark green and white (lowers/uppers), painting the hardware, and updating the shower curtain.

Most recently, my mom came to visit and painted and stenciled the vinyl floors. I LOVE them. It’s such a simple update that is actually quite easy—though time consuming—on vinyl. Much easier than painting tile in my opinion. Here’s the result:

My in-need-of-a-pedi-foot circa Quarantine Month 100000.

Next steps will be to do a few DIY updates that may or may not include tile, more paint, and ripping out the upper cabinets. Inspo board number 1 of many!

I LOVE green and pink together in a bathroom. It feels clean but fun. I love these classic midmod styles.