Furniture Line Review: What you need from Amazon’s new mid-century modern furniture line

Today, I’m reviewing Amazon’s new Rivet Mid-century modern furniture line!

When I saw that Amazon had a mid-century modern furniture line, I knew I had to check it out. Knowing it was Amazon, I figured it would be at the very least affordable, and possibly, just possibly, stylish.

I also need two new accent chairs for my living room so what better time to shop for some mid-century goodness!!

What I love about this line

  1. I love that Amazon didn’t go crazy with prices. You know I don’t believe in forking over a huge amount of cash for furniture. A lot of online retailers that launch their own lines tend to err on the side of f-ing expensive and they didn’t. You can find some nice-looking (though quality is yet to be known) pieces that don’t break the bank. In fact, they’re affordable enough that a normal human can buy several things and still feel like they’re getting a deal. This, I like.
  2. And I also like that they did a fairly copy cat job of other mid-mod lines, but picked a few areas, like chairs, beds and couches to specialize. And of course, per Amazon, there’s just way too much too look at so narrowing it down is key.

I’ve picked out the best items you should see from the line, Rivet, and weeded out the rest. Don’t waste your time perusing, I’ve done the hard work for ya! Here are my favs:

If you’re looking for an Accent Chair…

You need to see the Rivet Curved Tufted Velvet Accent Chair in Hunter Green.

Only $181, this chair is lovely because of it’s versatility and it’s gorgeous color. It could truly live in any room. Find it here.

If you need an over the counter kitchen pendant light…

You should check out the Rivet Mid-Century Modern Café Ceiling Pendant Light.

At $59 each, these give your kitchen a sophisticated look without that ridiculous price tag. Find them here. I would definitely place them over an island or kitchen peninsula, not necessarily a dining table.

If you need a dining table chandelier with dimension…

You should definitely consider the Rivet Mid Century Modern 6-Light Ceiling Pendant.

Again, killing it with the reasonable prices! Only $101!! This is the kind of simple, yet sophisticated piece that people will notice in your home right away. Find it here.

If you need a bed frame refresh…

I love the affordable bed frame selection in Rivet. If you’re one for drama, try out the Gwyneth Mid Century Velvet King Bed frame.

$649 is a steal for this pop of style. Find it here.

But if you want something a bit more neutral, go with the Brecken Modern Wood Frame.

$593 for the queen. Find it here.

If you’re really into tassels…

Check out their blankets and throws. I’m not sure they’re as much mid-century as they are boho-tassel-happy, but they’re cute nonetheless!

And if you’re looking for an impact piece…

Grab this bar cabinet before it sells out like the credenza did!

$530 while supplies last! Find it here.

Anything else??

Honestly, no. The pillows weren’t super inventive and the buying a couch online will still be tough for me without a lot of positive reviews by discerning furniture buyers.

All in all, I like what Amazon is doing and they’re going to tap into that millennial mid-century goldmine.

Any favorites from the line yet? Bought anything? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!!