what to do with a boring stone or brick fireplace.

What to do with a boring stone or brick fireplace? Let’s talk about it!

Fireplaces can be an amazing feature piece in a home, but sometimes knowing what to do to make them more than just an often-dated heat source can be tough! Let’s talk about creating some interest with your fireplace design (and mine!!).

We all love a good feature fireplace

I have not one but TWO fireplaces in my home. When my husband and bought this house, we knew we wanted a fireplace. We love winter and what he fondly calls “soup season”. And none of our previous homes have had a fireplace.

So when we found this place that had a vintage wood stove and a fireplace, we were like, um we’ll take it. But the problem with 1905’s fireplaces is that they’re designed for 1950’s lifestyle. Think odd brick accents that stick out in weird places and a stone facade that only goes half up the wall wtf!?!?

(If you’re just looking for pretty fireplace inspiration pics, scroll down now! Or find more here)

So this year I am determined to do something with these fireplaces. But it can be so intimidating. I feel like I’ve heard “Don’t touch the brick!” so many times in design scenarios that I have stone PTSD.

But when I look at my fireplace with the stone stopping right after the mantle (seriously WHY?), I just can’t take it too seriously. I mean, if it were like super impressive masonry, I’d probably hesitate. But something must be done.

The good news about boring fireplaces.

Is that they can be updated! And it’s usually not a crazy job, like most of the time you don’t need to rip anything out. But you do need some boldness and specialty paint.

Deciding on a color is the hardest part. Except it’s paint and unless you’re doing a color wash or simply lightening the stone or brick, you can paint over it. Like any wall. Remember that please.

So let’s look at some inspiration ideas for how to re-think your (and my) fireplace re-style!!

Stone fireplace update inspo

Our fireplace is a grayish stone and for some god forsaken reason the stone stops right above the mantle (which is like a single piece of painted wood. Help). This makes it tricky because whatever color you paint the stone below, you must paint the stone above. The rest of the room is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

For that reason, I’m leaning towards a white paint job first and then, if that doesn’t work, we’ll go dark dark dark!

Here are a few of my current fav Pinterest stone fireplace designs! To check out the entire board –> follow me on Pinterest!

White stone fireplaces

Brick fireplace inspo

Somehow I have not one, but two fireplaces in need of updating—one upstairs in our main living room and one downstairs in our basement. I always thought a basement fireplace was odd, but it seems fairly typically in the houses in our neighborhood, so let’s roll with it.

Brick presents some different options, in my opinion. Unless you’ve got the classic, beautifully done brick, I feel like more often than not, painting or washing it a color is usually a good move to keep it cohesive with the rest of your house.

Here are a few of my favorite brick fireplace updates, both white and dark!

White brick fireplaces

A brick fireplace can really pop when you paint it a bright shade of white or even a whitewash (think Joanna Gaines’ Fixer Upper style).

Black brick fireplaces

Black painted brick is a commitment. But sometimes it’s ohhhh so right. Especially (and really, only) when it’s complemented with a shade of white walls. Black brick makes decor pop and really brings a boring space to life. Think bohemian rugs and gold accent pieces.

Can I get this swing please?? Pretty please?? Ok, thanks hubs!!

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