What you need to make summer last (in your home)

Let’s discuss what you need to make summer last indoors! Labor Day doesn’t have to mean to end of delightful summer evenings and sunny afternoons!

I unapologetically love summer. I great up in hot a$$ Atlanta so I know a thing or two about the heat. But even now, there’s something oddly comforting about a season that’s all about sunshine, time outdoors (in a pool, preferably) and eating dinner in your swim suit. No, you didn’t do that? Weird.

But even in Denver, Labor Day does not mean “fall” is here. No matter how many pumpkin spice lattes you drink. It’s still hot AF here so I’m dragging this season out till that random freeze we get in early October that knocks out my tomatoes #notbitter.

And just when you think summer is over and Target tells you it’s time to start putting out your orange, black, and brown pillows (please don’t, either way), I maintain that we can—and should!—drag summer out as long as possible. It’s such a happy season, why the hell not!

Here are my favorite ways to keep summer going, inside and out!


I know. I’m jumping on the bandwagon here. But I’m in love with the natural fiber trending in furniture. Rattan, bamboo, hemp, you name it, if it comes in an unstained and sustainable material I AM IN.

A few ideas?

And you don’t need the perfect farmhouse kitchen to make these stools work. Unless your cabinets match the stools, you can probably find a way to sneak these is. Or maybe find some cheapo colored ones on Craigslist and go for it!

Already have some rattan furniture outside? As long as it’s not a tight weave outdoor patio, bring it on in and style it in your living room or replace two of your kitchen table chairs with it!

For reference — think of the image on the bottom left not the bottom right, please.




Always have flowers.

This isn’t necessarily a “designy” tip, but it’s just a truism that all should follow. My father brought my mother flowers about once a week growing up and despite the fact that my mother was constantly cleaning pollen off her immense collection of table runners (Baby Boomers what IS it with table runners!?), our house just felt fresh with flowers in it.

Now, my hunk of a husband grows me flowers and cuts them for me. He never uses the right vase, but it’s the thought. We also have a serious houseplant problem, but if I know one thing is true, it’s that flowers and plants make a house feel like a home. Like someone took an extra moment to set out a vase and make the room smile.

Note that both of the arrangements above are 1-2 types of flowers at most. I generally stay away from those multi-flower bouquets because it can feel busy and overdone. Pick 2-3 types of flowers that make you happy and just stick with those. It will quickly become your signature home item and scent. How sophisticated!

You don’t have to get crazy about arranging, just get some cheapies at the grocery store and let you obsession begin. This is a summery trend that can so easily carry through the rest of the year!

Here is a great post on what to look for when buying flowers from the grocery store and which ones will give you the best bang for your buck!

From morestylethancash.com!

Bring the summer patio vibes indoors.

I will admit that I am always 100% jealous of people who pull off the bistro light patio vibe. It’s surprisingly hard to do. But when it’s right, it’s SO RIGHT.

I love using string lights of all kinds indoors throughout the year (just WAIT until the holidays, things get wild and our electric bill gets unwieldy). I also love the trend of bringing patio-style lights inside to warm up places that usually stay cold until the weather snaps. Case and points…

I officially want all of these in my house right now.

Summer isn’t totally over folks, go get ya some string lights and bring it inside!

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