the best camper renos on Instagram right now.

I’m the first to admit—I love campers. I love ’em all. From the vintage darling popups to the swanky new fifth wheels bigger than my house, I love the idea of a movable home.


I recently realized it’s because they represent a simplicity of living that we just can’t recreate in our daily lives. They give us a moment to live out our childhood dreams of a grown-up-sized playhouse-meets-fort-meets-spaceship.

Well that, and they’re practical in some ways. My husband and I recently upgraded from a tent on the ground to a truck topper and airbed and HOLY SHIT I’M NEVER SLEEPING IN A TENT AGAIN. Campers make camping and traveling on the road just a bit more magical. They lift you off the ground while still giving you the satisfaction of being outdoors and away from home life.

My ultimate camper dream? To spend a year (or more!) on the road with my family. To take off and dream away. To travel where we chose and without agenda (or with it). To live simply and have less square footage to clean (yea..maybe it’s mostly the cleaning part).

Take that back. My second ultimate camper dream is when I have a whole host of campers to renovate and AirBnB and I become some kind of camper AirBnB mogul, because if that’s not a thing, I’m making it one.

To get you on board with my Glamorous Camper Resort empire, here are a few of the BEST camper remodels on Instagram that you should be following asap!


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Super cool reno, simple and boho. It’s busy for a small camper but it works because of how they’ve balanced that patterns and textures. Also, the color palette story buttons are just delightful.


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I mean, what these two have done with a TINY lil’ truck camper is truly amazing (though technically not a truck camper). These old Toyota truck camper hybrids are so awesome, but I’m sure they’re not joke to reno and maintain. That being said, they designed this thing incredibly well and have been on the road for long enough to convince me it actually works.

Well designed, well styled and gorgy feed.


Learn how to boho with @leeannieblivin

I literally just found this one last night and it’s critical that everyone see it. Amazing. She nails bohemian in a way most people with quadruple the space cannot. It’s busy, yes, (too busy for me in such a small space), but so so well executed. I’d love to see her take on a different style just to see what she pulls off!


That tile though. @188squarefeet

It would be silly not to mention this one. Their previous camper was likely the inspo for hundreds of other camper updates and their latest one is no exception.

Their newly styled camper is edgy and chic and so is Mandy’s jewelry. Don’t miss it. Also, she contact-papered her deep freezer gold so she obviously has my heart for-eva.

Gaaaaah I could literally go on for hours about these. So I will, but later.