Top Three Tiny House Designs

Yep, I’m going there. There are few things I love more than home things. And one of those is tiny houses. Which yes, is technically a home thing.

But smaller.

I’ve been obsessed with tiny houses for about 10 years now and until our most recent house, my husband and I have lived exclusively in small spaces. Mostly because we were broke, but also because we just didn’t see the point of spending beyond our means on something we didn’t really need. We’ve bounced from 230 square feet to 450 to 600 and now to 2600, which feels insanely too big for us.

I’ve loved decorating every inch of this home where we live today, but I find myself wondering, “What next?” more than ever before. So in honor of my adoration for efficient living spaces, here are a few of my favorite #tinyhouse designs!

Low-Waste Tiny Home Design For Family of Three

This couple and their newborn live a low-waste lifestyle in a tiny home built for family life. They not only have a fantastic living space, but have added a mobile deck and have a massive garden. Can I say #dreamhome??!

Gooseneck Steel-Frame Tiny Home for Family of Four

It makes me SO sad that this family seems to be selling their tiny house. The woman who designed it went to insane lengths to create one of the most beautifully functionally family tiny homes I’ve ever seen. AND it’s super mobile and towable. If I had $125k to spend, it’d be ours 🙂

Super livable family friendly space

I love this space because of A. the ingenuity of the popup roof and B. because of it’s functional layout. Having a real kitchen to cook in is a number 1 priority for me, at least, in a space so there’s no reason to compromise in a tiny space!

Favorite Tiny Home Resource Blogs: