spring color palettes.

Spring is here!! Or as we call it in Colorado, “Winter/Spring/Summer—it all happens in one day!” is here.

While our weather might be wildly variable, I still get giddy about my flowers coming up and beginning the planting season…which then gets me giddy about all the spring colors.

Admit it or not, spring color palettes do come from floral inspiration. Its just science. And even if you’re not a hearts and flowers and pastels-type person, you can still embrace spring’s vibrancy in your own way.

Here’s how:


My favorite way to bring spring inside (especially in Colorado, when it goes from 70 degrees to snowing in the same afternoon) is PILLOWS. My husband jokes that if I had a podcast, it would be called, “My Favorite Pillows” (ahem…MFM). I like this idea.

Here are my favorite pillow-spirations for this time of year. From pastels to jewel tones to straight up florals, pillows bring spring in (and you can move them!!).

You only need one pastel mixed with some modern whites to create a look. From A Beautiful Mess
When it doubt, go monochromatic with yo pastels like Oliver Gustav.
Jewel tones ARE springy (IMO). Via Pottery Barn Middle East 2016.
This is like the “investment piece” of your couch’s wardrobe. You will not regret it. Via Etsy $48.


Yes, call me Instagramer of the year, but plants are now a thing and I love them. Mainly because I’m a gardener at heart and I want all the things to grow. But seriously, adding a plant (real or fake) or two will warm up a space instantly. And guess what?? You don’t need a $250 Fiddly Fig to do it (I’m not judging, you’re judging)!! I buy almost exclusively at what I call the “scratch and dent sale” section of my local garden store. Most plants just need some trimming, love, and a reasonably priced pot from TJ MAXX to bring them back to life.

Here are my fav high impact, budget friendly plants.

Split leaf philodendron.

Split leaf philodendron. You’d be surprised how impactful and easy this guy is (and there are lots of varieties)! Avg. price about $25/medium sized plant and they grow super fast.

English ivy.

Any type of hanging ivy will thrive in most medium light levels. Via laurenconrad.com. You can probably find one for approx. $18+/plant.

Snake plant.

I know, I know, it’s instagrammy right now, but its beautiful and if you buy it at Home Depot, you’ll spend a heck of a lot less than a fancy garden store!! Via

Removing or changing a rug.

Ok, hear me out on this one (or skip it because I talked about it in this post). It sounds crazy (and maybe it is), but consider for a moment the amount of dust, dirt, mud, etc that layers into your cozy rugs in the winter. Its a lot. Then think about how nice it might be to have those rugs clean out, aired out, and sprayed down with about a gallon of Febreeze. CLEAN.

In the winter months, we’re also much more likely to remove our shoes when we come indoors versus spring and summer when we’re barefoot or wearing sandals. Think: tracking in more dirt than you realize.

Also, removing a rug in a room where it has always been will give you a reprieve of sorts. A brief time during which you can consider new ways to style the room.

Not ready to go rug-less? I get it, it takes time to warm up to (hehe). Instead, try a jute rug in place of your thicker floor decor, its easy to clean, shows less dirt, and feels all around much lighter.

This room is ready for summer. Via kylieminteriors.

Or if you jumped on that bandwagon months ago, just pull up the second rug you’ve been layering and let that baby breeeeeeeathe!

Remove lid, pour glass, enjoy! Via twuss.com.