Five spring sprucing tips (that aren’t cleaning.)

I really don’t love cleaning. I know some people whose homes are so fresh and so clean and I’m not even jealous. My house is lived in. I bought tile for my kitchen that looks dirty just so I wont have to clean it.

Don’t get me wrong, I clean. I just don’t like it. But what I do like is having my house feel fresh and new without paying for a cleaning service. So here are my five favorite tips for sprucing up your space without renting a steam cleaner.

1. Put the outside things outside.

Things like dog bowls, dog food containers, recycling bins, compost, and even kitchen trash cans can all go outdoors now that its not so dern cold out. Assuming you have a secure spot like a garage, breezeway or porch, these things can stop cluttering your inside space and give you room to breath.

2. Remove your rugs .

Ok, I know, I know. This is crazy talk. Or…is it?? Consider taking a rug out of your space and either replacing it with a smaller one or just leaving your floors exposed for a few months. Not only will you find yourself using the space differently (maybe you’ll seek out the soft outdoor earth instead of hiding inside), but it will also give you a chance to rethink your color scheme. Oh and please get that rug cleaned while you’re at it.

3. Rehang your pictures.

You’d be surprised how little you notice your art once its been hung in the same place for a year or two. Just moving your favorite frames around can truly perk up a space with no fee beyond a few 3mm hooks.

4. Take all the pillows off your furniture.

BLASPHEMY!!!! My husband better not read this because then he’ll truly think I’ve lost my mind. But seriously. Just try removing all your decorative pillows (or even…the back pillows to your couch!) and putting them away in a closet. You’ll see your furniture differently, notice stains that need cleaning (hire that shit out), and perhaps find yourself feeling a little lighter.

5. Buy fresh flowers every two weeks.

Again, not a cleaning tip. In fact, this is the only additive tip. But I love fresh cut flowers and buying a bouquet every two weeks (typically how long I can keep them looking perky) always forces me to clear off a surface and brings a pop of spring color to my space. Try it try it you may see, you may like it 1, 2, 3!!!!